Property Data for Every Step of the Sales Process

Get the complete property data you need to quote, order, upsell, and validate claims.

Residential Property Data

Get the detailed roof and exterior measurements and diagrams you need to quickly quote homeowners, then order the correct amount of materials.

  • Bid Perfect™
  • Premium Roof Reports
  • Walls Reports
  • Walls, Windows & Doors Reports
  • Full House™ Reports

Commercial Roof Measurements

Remotely access data for low and steep slope commercial roofs to deliver winning bids and accurately order for jobs.

  • Bid Perfect™
  • Premium Roof Reports
  • Assess™ for Multi-Family

Drone-Powered Property Data

Create digital roof twins, automatically detect damage, and produce polished reports to validate insurance claims with EagleView Assess™.

Accurate Measurements.
No Site Visit Required.

“Previously, it took us five to seven days on average to get a quote back to a customer. With EagleView, it takes us less than 48 hours.”

Ally Tresnak

Head of Operations

@ Tresnak Construction

“Once the project is approved, I’ll pull an EagleView report. The reports have saved me tens of thousands of dollars over the years.”

Scott Kaiser


@ Kaiser Siding and Roofing

“We had a $500,000 roof denied. But once we flew EagleView Assess and provided a report, the insurance company ended up paying for the roof.”

Brett Tesson


@ Tesson Roofing

EagleView Data, Delivered your Way

Order EagleView reports through My EagleView or integrate with leading CRMs for streamlined ordering.