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Aerial imagery is a tool for effective planning

Sharp, current images provide a valuable perspective on your county. Using our top down (ortho) and side angle (oblique) imagery, combined with accurate property data, you can plan wisely and manage critical programs and infrastructure.

Benefits by Department


Combine aerial imagery from multiple angles with GIS data.

Property Assessment

Conduct fast and accurate property assessments and analyze more properties in less time.

Public Safety

Improve police and fire department response times and prepare for emergencies and natural disasters.

Public Works

Inspect and analyze infrastructure and public assets.

Why EagleView

Clear and Detailed Imagery
Clear and Detailed Imagery

Using sophisticated cameras and flying at low-altitude, we generate sharp imagery which showcases natural colors and fine details.

Multiple Resolutions
Multiple Resolutions

Whether it be 6-inch, 3-inch or extremely clear 1-inch GSD, choose the resolution that meets your needs and budget.

Three-Dimensional Views
Three-Dimensional Views

Images from multiple sides of buildings and structures provide a complete aerial perspective.

Easy-to-Use Software
Easy-to-Use Software

With tools to easily measure distance and height, our software enables accurate property analysis.

View Our Imagery Within Other Applications

EagleView integrates with many government applications, giving you easy access to our images within platforms you already use.

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Aerial Imagery for Disaster Response and Recovery

When every second counts, images from the air provide valuable context to assist with decisions being made on the ground.

Aerial imagery is a critical tool for governments after severe weather events. Using aerial imagery, damage can be evaluated safely and first responders can plan search and rescue missions. Property assessors use imagery to reassess damaged properties and calculate lost tax revenue. Then, when it is time to recover and rebuild, aerial imagery makes the planning process easier.

Real Customers,
Real Results

Photo of Gus Martinez
Gus Martinez

Assessor, Santa Fe County, NM

“This office has moved along more in the past six years using EagleView that it ever moved in the history of the Santa Fe County Assessor’s Office.”

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Photo of Drew Chandler
Drew Chandler

Emergency Management Director, Woodford County, KY

“The speed at which Woodford County was able to complete our damage assessments after the flood wouldn’t have been possible without EagleView.”

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Photo of Sarah Redman
Sarah Redman

Assessor, Warrick County, IN

“During our first phase of ChangeFinder use we have added $5,691,387 in assessments to date, and we are not done yet.”

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Photo of Jeff Bathke
Jeff Bathke

Emergency Management and Planning & Zoning, Davison County, SD

“I don’t know how I could do this job without having [EagleView imagery] up on the wall.”

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