Bring Field Imagery and Insights to your Desk

Actionable Insights for Remote Locations

A Proactive Approach to Equipment Management

Optimize Field Operations

Perform many common mapping tasks from your office, so when you deploy teams to the field they can work as efficiently as possible.

Avoid Guesswork

Make planning and maintenance decisions based on high resolution, multi-angle imagery that provides an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail.

See the Full Picture

Monitor the environment surrounding your equipment and assets so you can address potential issues before they become a problem.

Real Customers,
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Photo of Katherine Meixell
Katherine Meixell

GIS Technician

“With EagleView, we are able to verify which lines were connected to each other, and to which pole, without leaving the office.”

Remote Inspection Solutions

HCA After
HCA Before

Enterprise HCA Solutions for Oil & Gas

A single complete authoritative source to eliminate data inconsistencies and meet regulatory requirements for high consequence areas. The high-resolution, georeferenced, orthogonal and oblique aerial images are captured and delivered with building outlines to serve as the foundation for a comprehensive integrity management system.

Plan and Design with Confidence

EagleView’s clear imagery, data analysis and LiDAR mapping give you a complete understanding of the land and topography when planning new projects.

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remote inspection

Address Problems Before they Start

Monitor ongoing image capture to detect and assess danger from encroachments, natural or man-made, and evaluate potential safety risks to people living close to utility lines.

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