The gold-standard in drone-
powered property data

Obtain accurate, comprehensive roof condition data and
measurements – without ever leaving the ground.

Complete more roofing jobs in less time, with greater accuracy

Using EagleView Assess™ drones, roofing contractors can quickly and easily capture comprehensive roof data for quick bids, accurate ordering, and objective repair estimates. Capture high-resolution roof images, leverage AI to detect potential damage, and produce automated reports to validate insurance claims – all with an easy-to-fly, autonomous drone.

Drone-powered property data for roofers

Capture accurate measurements and see even the most subtle damage with the highest quality drone imagery on the market.

Built for Business

Assess drones come equipped with fully integrated software, specifically designed for inspecting and measuring roofs.

Fully Autonomous Drone

Easy-to-fly, autonomous drones make it easy to capture high-quality roof imagery, no matter who is flying.

Safe and Scalable

Quickly and easily inspect and measure roofs from the ground, and quickly scale to meet demand.

Elevate your roofing business with drone-based
property data

Easy to fly, hard to crash drones

Assess drones come with a 360° view camera system paired with advanced AI-driven obstacle avoidance software, making them incredibly easy to fly and difficult to crash. Take flight with a simple click, set the house boundaries, and let the drone fly itself.

Create a roof digital twin

Capture high-resolution images and combine them to create a complete digital roof reproduction for review. Assess drones capture images at a uniform height of approximately 4 feet across all roof facets and recognize individual roof facets for better image composition.

Detect potential damage using AI

Leverage the power of AI to consistently and accurately identify hail, wind, and other types of damage. Use unbiased AI-powered damage detection to differentiate your bids and win storm repair work.

Deliver polished, automated reports

Categorize roof property images within the Assess app and automatically generate polished, professional reports, with the option to annotate. Demonstrate professionalism to customers and quickly validate insurance claims.

See why customers rely on Assess

Complex roofs. Simple workflow.

1. Set up the scan

Specify the house boundaries and quickly take flight with a click of a button within the Assess app.

2. Capture imagery

The drone will fly itself, capturing clear and detailed roof and property images, which are then categorized within the Assess app for future viewing and analysis.

3. Inspect the roof

Review a digital reproduction of the roof, and hone in on ultra-high resolution imagery with precision for further inspection. Built-in AI technology will automatically pinpoint potential damage.

4. Generate a report

Generate a comprehensive, detailed roof report to share your findings with customers and insurance carriers.

View a sample report

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