Property Data,
Delivered Remotely

Get the property data and measurements
you need to bid better and order smarter
for residential construction jobs.

Comprehensive Property Intelligence

Deliver winning bids and order the right materials with remote property data.

Quickly create fast, accurate bids with
virtual sales data for roofs and exterior walls.

Eliminate manual measurements and
avoid waste with highly accurate property data.

Reduce costs, win more jobs, and eliminate
shortages with accurate data obtained remotely.

Bid Quickly and Competitively

Get the preliminary property data and measurements you need to win the job.

Bid Perfect™ for Winning Roof Estimates

Easily access the preliminary roof data and measurements you need to swiftly create winning roof estimates.

  • Orthogonal Imagery (top-down)

  • Pitch-distribution

  • Oblique Imagery (side-angled)

  • Facet count

  • Total roof area (Squares)

  • Waste factor (steep-slope only)



Per Report

Walls Reports for Siding Bids

Quickly quote homeowners for exterior repairs with preliminary sales data for exterior walls, including distinct siding and masonry measurements.

  • High resolution aerial images

  • Window & door diagram

  • 3D wall diagram

  • Elevation diagrams

  • Alternate 3D wall view

  • …and more! 



Per Report

Order Smarter with Precise Measurements

Get the critical measurements and 3D diagrams you need to plan, order, and build smarter.

Premium Roof Reports for Accurate Ordering

Win the bid with Bid Perfect™, then upgrade to a discounted Premium Roof Report to get highly accurate measurements for precise material ordering.

  • Total roof area and facets

  • Total valleys

  • Pitch diagram

  • Total rakes & eaves

  • Total ridges/hips

  • …and more! 



Per Report

Walls, Windows & Doors Reports for Siding

Get detailed measurements and 3D wall diagrams in a format that’s easy to use and understand.

  • Siding and masonry measurements

  • Fascia measurements

  • Wall facets

  • High-resolution aerial imagery

  • Windows & door measurements

  • …and more! 



Per Report

Full House™ Reports

Get all of the roof, windows, walls, and doors measurements you need to bid, order, and upsell – in a single report.

  • High resolution aerial imagery

  • 3D wall area diagram

  • Length, pitch, and area diagrams

  • Window & door diagram

  • Penetrations diagram

  • …and more!



Per Report

Property Data, Delivered your Way

EagleView integrates with the industry’s leading CRM systems for easy ordering and efficient workflows.