Powering Virtual Solar Processes With Precise Remote Measurements

Minimize Site Visits and Reduce Cycle Times

Unsurpassed Accuracy

9x Better Than Satellite

Design photovoltaic (PV) systems with precise roof data extracted from our high-resolution aerial imagery.

Sell and Plan Remotely

EagleView compliments or eliminates your site survey process, delivering the external property data you need to plan a solar project.

Improved Efficiencies

Augment processes with digitized data and reduced human errors. No ladders or drones needed.

Real Customers,
Real Results

Photo of Jake Wachman
Jake Wachman

VP of Software

“EagleView reports help us to eliminate in-person site surveys and shorten project lifecycles by up to two weeks. Everyone wins: homeowners go solar faster, our dealers avoid an additional site visit, and we reduce project overhead.”

Photo of David Williamson
David Williamson


“By using EagleView’s always-accurate reports, we’re able to get ahead of trends and create designs and plan sets much faster without having to set foot on the property.”

Photo of JP Gerken
JP Gerken

Founder & CEO

“EagleView completely changed our world and how we’re able to scale and grow and deliver a better experience for our homeowners.”

Photo of Joseph Marhamati
Joseph Marhamati

Vice-President & CFO

“With EagleView Ipsun Solar reduces project cycles by an average of 10 days.”

Why EagleView

EagleView Imagery
  • Design using precise digital models instead of drawing over 2D images and estimating the size and location of obstructions.
  • Determine optimal panel placement for energy production based on solar access values derived from sophisticated shade analysis.
  • Create proposals, permit sets, project plans faster with digital file exports for popular design programs.

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